Petition to Enroll at Another Institution (PEAI)

This PEAI form may only be used by Degree Completion students in the School of Management (currently all other students must use the paper form available in the Registrar's Office).

Once enrolled, there is a limit of 12 semester units of PEAI transfer credit that can be applied to your degree.

General Education (GEC) or New Core Curriculum requirements must be completed through USF if there is an available course.

The USF Office of Admission determines the transferability of courses.

Part I: Student Information

Please provide the following personal information. All fields must be filled out. You will receive confimation or denial of your petition by email.

*First Name
*Last Name
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Part II: Course Information

Please fill out all the information below for at least one course. You may list anywhere from one to four courses. All fields are required.

*Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4
Institution Name
Course Title
Course Number (eg. Phil 110, Hist 17a)
Course to apply as...
Number of Units
Course Length
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